A friend can become a lover but a lover ca'nt become a friend!! How true is dat?

March 20, 2009 1:50pm CST
we all know that many times friendship has been converted to love... but how many times have you seen two lovers just becoming true friend after breakup?? it's too hard for that.. so people usually use to avoid this awkward situations... give your valuable comments..
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@maissj (111)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
the truth is, i think it can happen both ways, a friend can always become a lover if that friendship is true and both parties really got to know each other well and liked what ever it is that they found out about each other, if they jived! and an ex lover can still be your friend if you parted ways while you're still respecting and caring for each other, when it's only that loving feeling that's lost, but not the fear of really losing that person. now, sometimes we can't be friends with an ex lover if there is too much painful episodes in your lives as a couple, as well as, we can't turn a friend into a lover simply because we value that friendship so much that we can't take the risk... i've seen lovers being close friends after a break up, they were okay and they said it was a mutual decision that they part ways, i think it wont work out if one of them still feels something for the other. and i've seen friends ending up with one another. SMILE, MAI
@mrrome (74)
• Philippines
23 Mar 09
Theres a big different between Mans love and a womans love. When a man loves a woman it is eternal. this woman will engrave a place in a mans heart and stay there forever. No matter how many they are. But a mans love is tend to settle down, tend to hide, and tend to be at ease, that in his mind "I said I love you once and that's forever" and that understanding will always keep in mind. No matter what you do, no matter what happens that love will never vanish. When a woman love a man it is "fiesta". A womans love is always like she's holding a big sign board with bold letter saying "I LOVE YOU!!!" and she will never put it down. A womans love is caring, understanding, martir, a doctor, a nurse, chambermaid, a nanny, a cook, she is a total SUPER WOMAN, and she will do more than super if she could for the sake of love. But when a woman say NO! it means the END. No matter what you do, even you jumb in tall building to kill your self, she said No. So when you brokeup with a woman her love became Zero, you will never be friends because she do more than friend to you, she do more than your mother could do. She will refuse to do the same thing with you because she is tired.... tired of loving you. But when a woman brokeup with a man and she step back in his arm, No matter what happens she is always welcome to love you again or in some point to be friends with you again. Because your name is engrave within his heart and will never disappear forever.
@liz1122 (47)
• United States
21 Mar 09
It wasnt that hard to convert from friends to lovers but going back is the hard part. I had one situation where it was kind of twisted because we were bestfriends and he was gay but some gay guys have that one woman that surpasses all of that for a very brief period (can't be someone your not even if you love the person) eventually we ended up going there.It's so funny because he introduced me to my husband this was someone he was interested in but the feelings weren't mutual hints MY HUSBAND. Now we still speak but he's jealous on both ends.