what kind of pictures to post

My Lot - This picture is created by me using paint software. I made this picture to upload it for a discussion
@ishi23 (71)
United States
March 20, 2009 4:06pm CST
Hi All, I am new to this website and exploring ways to earn. I found that uploading pictures us a good way of earning. Was wondering, if i can upload pictures for the internet? as all the time I may not have topic relevant pictures. If I upload from the net, will it be called plagiarism?? Guys please let me know how you upload the pictures
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@mysdianait (64450)
• Italy
20 Mar 09
You may add relevant photos to the discussion. They should be either your own or those not covered by copyright. It is the discussions, responses and comments that will bump your earnings up. Photos are an extra.
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• Australia
20 Mar 09
Well I'm quite puzzled on this question. I'm guessing if you do copy a picture from the net and post it it is plagiarism, as it will be showing that it is your picture, when it isn't. You could always make logo's and upload them. But that's all I really know. Sorry I couldn't really help out there.