Cycle is only 26, I never ever have a short cycle. This is not a question!

@succed (879)
United States
March 20, 2009 4:32pm CST
I have been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years now with no luck yet. I have been charting my cycle and temp for 8 months. My cycle average from 30 shortest to 34 longest and I am regular. For the last 5 years I am in pain when Aunt Flow visit me every month. Dr. can not figured why I am in pain when I dont have issues. I am very healthy fertile wise. My uterus was checked for endo and cyst they could not find any. Test came out negative. Since Doctor could not help me with my monthly menstruation pain I have to do something to stop the pain. I have searched all over and everyone swear that the menstruation pain is gone by taking Magnesium oxide 400 mg/day. So I tried, BAM! no more pain. I should have known it better but here's the catch, ever since I started taking Magnesium, seems like I ovulate early like CD12 and also my lutheal phase is shorten to 14 instead of 16 although 14 days is quite normal. I believe the reason I did not catch the ovulation this month because I thought I have ovulated on the 7th of March according to but I believe I have ovulated on 5th we baby dance on the 6th and 7th but it was too late then. It is very hard for me and my hubby to TTC when our work schedule is very complicated. During most of my ovulation days are those when he is at work and when he is home I am at work. On Days of our our off days is when I dont ovulate most of the time. This is tough for us. Right now, it is all in God's hand. Baby dust to all!
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