March 20, 2009 6:25pm CST
do you think allien truly true
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• China
21 Mar 09
Hi, I believe there are alliens in certain planets. Maybe too far away that we can never reach that, but I believe they exist. I think there must be a star like sun in the universe, and there may some planets like earth around it. When I was little, I always hoped that before I was going to die, someone can put me into the universe, and I can die falling in the universe. I wanted to reach the "edge" of it and maybe I can be caught by an allien and made me survive, hehe/
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
21 Mar 09
from which you can be sure that the alien have? if there are people who never met with the alien?
@23uday (2998)
• India
21 Mar 09
Hi friend, Yes, i will believe in aliens their will be in a different planet and far away from us so long.Some people had seen a aliens they were came into our earth planet.Some scientist proved that really aliens are their in different planet. have a nice day.
• India
21 Mar 09
hi, yes i belive it may be allien on other planet. because if any planet have good invironment like our earth must be means being, it may be not may be beyound from us so we can't get connect them.