What do you think of Britney's latest album?

United States
March 20, 2009 11:10pm CST
I had listened to Britney Spear's latest album, "Circus", not bad. I guess that she had moved since her drama with her ex - husband. From her newest CD, she seems grew up. She is more focus on techno song, a changing singing style I guess. Would you still support Britney Spears, as you were once her fans?
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• Canada
27 May 09
definitely. ive been a fan since day one and i really feel this is one of britneys best albums to date. she is very much grown but there is still that bubble gum pop feel to the cd. i love it and i love all the songs
• United States
1 Apr 09
I've been a Britney fan since day one, on the music scene. And I've purchased her everything up until the In The Zone album. Not because I stopped supporting her. Just because I haven't really purchased music in a while. But I couldn't really get into too much from the Circus album aside from the singles and some bonus/unreleased stuff. I love "Phonography". Even used it in my YouTube video, check me out I'm, ItzTwan219 {shameless plug for myself and Britney.} I think with me I was still in the "Blackout" era when she released Circus.
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
its a good album.. 3/5 or an average album... love IF U SEEK AMY.. its such a catchy track..
@sajuman (1854)
• India
22 Mar 09
Thank you for the discussion.. I am not a fan of britney spears but i like her songs..I enjoyed her every songs..My favorite is My heart.. I heard songs from the latest album of her circus,i think it is very good and i like it.. Thank you...