Popular Locations who have an IVF Clinic and how much it will cost?

March 21, 2009 1:03am CST
Hi, i just wanted to know to those who undergo IVF how much do they spend on the procedure and what country or place do they go for such treatment.Kindly share it to us, so that if there is omeone who wish to undergo IVF, at least they have some places to choose and can compare prices and success rates. Hi, i have heard that the most popular locations for IVF nowadas are in Taiwan, the one in Taichung. and it only costs for around $NT 120,000 to $NT150,000 for the procedure alone. But it excludes the cost of fare, visa and the accommodation for your trip there. They said it is the most cheapest and they have the most number of success rate ever. I also heard they are IVF centers in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and US.
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