What is the Best music.. POP, RNB, ACOUSTIC or ROCK??

March 21, 2009 3:25am CST
everyday, every month and year theres a lot of music coming in the air.. it depends to the listener what type of music they want. for me i am a music lover but i'd ratehr to choose RnB and acoustic music. for me its very good in my ear... I believe in the saying that "the music you like is a reflection of your personality".. DO YOU AGREE OR NOT?? NOW TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC YOU LIKE AND I TELL U WHAT TYPE OF PERSON ARE YOU???
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• United States
21 Mar 09
I love classic rock and oldies (60's music). It makes me feel at home. Maybe it is because my family played it when I was growing up. To each it's own but some of today's music I feel is lacking. My first album I fell in love with was Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi 1986) so anything after that through the 90's I liked because there is a memory associated with many songs. Well, I guess let me know...
• China
21 Mar 09
well i thank it is difficult for me to choose them i start to touch music when i am a baby,my father hope me that i can listen more classical music,so every night i fall asleep with it and welcome the new day with it.Until at the age of 12, i learn pop music from my classmate,and then learn all kinds of music.i love music,for me ,every kinds of music is ok.i enjoy them,get happiness from them.you know,i can show my emotion through all kinds of music.every kind has his special taste. but,i think there is a kind music like some which can express something in film,when i listen them, i can imagine many beatiful sights,and many very good thing.i like the feel. And,yeah,i think music sometime can show presonal.and maybe can. influence someone to learn the world.so i always think people who love music will enjoy himself life better .