What's your plan for the future if you lose the job?

@wxc6822 (185)
March 21, 2009 3:54am CST
My brother Wang told me he was just got fired,he was fired because of ecomomic problems,i don't know how Wang will support himself since he was fired.he was trying to find a job as soon as possible.my friend,if you or your friend lose job,what will you to do?
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@limbo9uu (134)
• China
21 Mar 09
i will try my best to find a new job.in fact,we are forced by lost job.i think you can do something right now.for example,you can learn a new skill,or a new way to earn money.but i think you should save some money for the future.if you lose you job,you still can eat and sleep.
@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Mar 09
I have already left my job. Currently I am planning to get some higher education and probably will be able to get admission in June... I think this is the best way fight with this recession. Try to enrich yourself with new skills. One thing is sure that this recession will also passed, sooner or later, and then the demand for skilled workers will be more. In this scenario, I also think the support of family is a must. Try to be in touch with your immediate family members as much as possible...