Another Weird Dream

March 21, 2009 4:24am CST
A few nights ago, I was hit with another weird dream. This one wasn't really scary or sad or anything. It just confuses me. Okay, as it starts, it's a dusty old place, I figure in an abandoned warehouse or something, and it's made completely of steel and cement. There are stairs to the right of the room that lead to downstairs, and stretched over the railing of these stairs is a dead woman with her throat cut open. Soon in the room, there is a flock of police officers and such and the body is removed. Even so, the group begins their investigation directly in the murder area, arguing and discussing. Soon, these people file out, and more professional-looking people take their place (dressed in suits rather than ordinary clothing). As it presses on, these people, too, leave, unable to solve the crime. This time, what takes their place is an elderly man dressed in an old robe and has long hair, and a long white beard. He's by himself, and he takes each sheet of discarded paper, one by one, and places them aside when he finds nothing that resolves the case. And, like others who'd been before him, he leaves not having solved the case. The final person who comes in is a strange, fat, monster being with three bulging eyes and sharp, jagged teeth. He looks through each form, grinning and drinking coffee, and the last form he collects, he crumples up and abandons. As the dream ends, there are two oddly-dressed teenagers, one a boy, the other a girl, out in a parking lot with rain pouring down on them. The girl's sitting in one parking space, and the next parking space over, the boy is standing beside a black jeep. They soon leave, and I wake up after the jeep pulls out of its place, and drives away. Isn't it strange?
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@dcaisj (41)
• China
21 Mar 09
Oh,God!It's a very weird dream!But I don't know why!Hope you happy every day!!!!!!!