what a girl wants...

March 21, 2009 8:53am CST
most of the women i know would prefer a guy with a sense of humor. no matter how handsome a guy is but still he cant make a girl smile, i guess he would still be nothing... do you agree??? well personally, if i were to be asked the same question, i would also choose a guy who can make me laugh... so that days would be even brighter and colorful... hahahaha it may sound corny but i think it does make sense... do you prefer guys who can make you laugh, too??? please share!
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@rtsh_gup (186)
• India
3 Aug 10
Different person have different way to choose their life partner....It depends on individual person where they go for humor or handsome guy....I think more women are attractive to handsome men or other qualities likes income,status,education and personality but according to me I never go for good looks because good looks is only to get their attention.........If your partner is humor that is enough to you what I think is.....And there is some girls who care less about looks the wealth,status and education.They want to live a certain way,so they looks guys who can provide an affluent lifestyle......
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
I would like a guy who is: 1. God-fearing - he doesn't have to be too religious.I want a man who knows the power of prayers and isn't an atheist. 2. financially stable - I'll be honest in here:who would like to date a bum? 3. loves his family and values friendships 4. responsible - not just as a husband or a father;I want someone who is responsible to achieve what he wants in life. 5. doesn't stop learning and improving himself 6. loves food,pets,traveling,and adventures
@annierose (18021)
• Philippines
4 May 09
hi enavnai, I prefer a guy with a sense of humor rather than with a good face only.I once have 2 guys which court me same time.They are both good looking and intelligent. The only difference is that one is so serious and the other one knows how to joke and make me laugh.When I am with the serious guy, I always feel bored.In fact, I always feel sleepy while talking with him.But whenever with I am with the other guy,I do not notice much the time I am spending with him.Although, there are times that he is serious but there are also times that what he do is to make me laugh. What I like in him is that he knows how to balance things.And because of his good qualities, I consider him to be my boyfriend rather than the other one.
@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
26 Mar 09
I think when a girl has met her partner for a long period of time, she will answer you that she wants to find a guy who can make her laugh. Every girl is long for it. When I met my hubby on the first day, I knew he are not the kind of make-me-laugh man. But I still married him, because he loves me so much and always try his best to make me laugh. Now, I am the one who is always laughing, it is not him making me laugh, it is me telling jokes and making us laugh out loud. If I can find one who can love me like my husband and with sense of humor, it will be prefect. If not, my hubby is prefect enough.
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
Well, I am male so obviously I would not be able to answer this question on my personal account. But I have friends (girls) who would say that they do love and like guys with a good sense of humor and they like it since most of the time they laugh and enjoy. Of course, they like guys who care for them and love them and make them laugh and enjoy from time to time.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
24 Mar 09
a guy should be of sense of humor ,but there should not be more humor in life. if more humor is there,we have some worries in future. he should take more care . i won;t bother the beauty of him,but his qualities should be good and coperative.
@ip5217 (1656)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
I like a guy who can take care of me. I'm so lucky to have a very caring and loving bf. I don't need a guy who exerts too much effort to make me laugh. It doesn't sound natural. I like a guy who doesn't get tired of saying I love you, and hugs me like there's no tomorrow.