Spending too many hours on the internet can ruin your marriage?

@GAUCI123 (1042)
March 21, 2009 10:33am CST
I saw couples who got seperated because one of the partner became really addict on the internet. This means that spend all night chatting and surfing on the net, which is not fair for the other partner, who also needs attention. The thing is that internet friends will be more pleasurable to talk to that talking to your parnter. don't you think that we have to have a limit time in using the internet..what do you think?
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@fren45 (898)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
Seriously..i had a friend which is married..his wife does not allow him to use MRIC.. Don't know why ?
• United States
22 Mar 09
Yes what a big problem an d if you do have 2 computer's you both can have fun playing game's making money ect.. I watch a movie called fireproof and watch it and see how fast the internent can make people fall out of love good movie great lesson
@Jennlk84 (4219)
• United States
22 Mar 09
I guess it really all depends on the situation. My fiancee and I both set up our laptops on a TV tray in the living room. This way we can do the work we need to , surf the web , and still watch tv and be together. I mean we're not ALWAYS online, but it's what we do so that we can still be here together, paying attention to each other, while we're online or doing stuff for work on our computers.
@krupesh (2608)
• India
21 Mar 09
After registering with MYLOT I have become addicted to this.My wife always screams at me for not sleeping early.I cant log off from MYLOT as I see nice discussions going on & I will also be involved in some.There are funny responses & some serious ones.I dont want to miss all these beauiful things happening in MYLOT. I dont chat much after my marriage nor do I have online friends much.whatever I communicate with online friends will be thro' mails. Yes as you said there should be a limit to all except MYLOT.hehehe
• China
21 Mar 09
Yes,spend all night chatting and suifing on the net,which is not fair for other patner. I think partner is more pleasurable than internet friends, because I trust she, she also tust me, so I think between partner trust is very important. have a good time, GAUCI1231