March 21, 2009 12:30pm CST
what is family.... as we all know that how our parents devote their life on us ..... then what should be the punishment for that people who just forget his parents ...and live separately froem their parent ie father and forgetting all their scarifies pls answer me what should be punishment for people who throw their parents out of their house...
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• United States
21 Mar 09
I live in a different culture than you, I am almost sure of it. In my family we were raised to take care of our parents but at the same time taught that as a parent you are not going to be repaid for any sacrifice you might have made to have and take care of a child. I will not be caring for my father in his old age. He had best be planning wisely he does not have a child that will help him. There are many reasons for that. I find it imposible to beilve that one can just forget their parents, there is always a reason. As for a punishment for throwing your parents out of your house, there isn't one, and I am not sure there should be one. There are to many ifs, why was the parent thrown out? If it was because they were abusive to the children or grandchildren then perhaps they do not need to be there.