Lazy to count... you always need your cellphone calculator...

March 21, 2009 2:59pm CST
Hahah... I know, we are most graduated from elementary and high school... college, and some even masteral people. WHo knows there also doctoral and professor join this website. We learned how to count... multiplication... sum... etc... There;s no reason for us to say dont know how to count. But yes, somehow, it makes you feel tired to think about number. Once you will pay something, or lets say you eat with friends and you're going to pay collectively, and yes, you get your cellphone and open the calculator menu. ahahah... we're tired to count the bill... we are dependent on the cellphone... do you think our lifestyle nowadays become dependent to the electronic gadget? Count this and that, and get your calculator or cellphone calculator... Me, i always try to count with my head, but if the number is too many and i cant take it anymore (im so lazy to count), my hand is the one who will get tired. Get the cellphone and count them! hahaha...
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• China
5 Apr 09
Ii common that many people are reliable on the calculator.Just a week ago,we were doing a survey.One of the thing is to do the calculations.We argued a while to find out the short cut.Eventually we tured to the cellphone calculator.We are collgemen now.And we still find it annoying and even difficult to calculate.We try to avoid doing that.And we have to ,just turn to a calculator.It's been a lousy day ,because I am preparing for a maths exam.I have to do a lot of calculations.But I am always making mistakes here and there.But I can not use a calculator.For it is not just multiplication or sum.
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
I only use the cellphone calculator if the computation is higher than 200. I am not good at math. Hehehe.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
22 Mar 09
Gosh! One thing I must tell you that I don't use a calculator or cell phone but when I am on computer then even if I need to add 15+25, I need to use calc.exe application to compute that. When I am away from it, then I can easily calculate but can never do it when I am on my pc. This desktop makes me a handicap on one of my favorite subject, i.e. Maths!
• United States
21 Mar 09
yeah I know what you mean. Funny, I just took my cell phone bill out and i didn't feel like counting all the numbers up, so I took out my cellphone. I guess we're just getting lazy, that's all. Seriously though, are really going to start relying on electronics for everything? I think from the rate the technology in the world is developing, yes.