Hate Cheating in relationships, What do you do?

March 21, 2009 5:56pm CST
If people hate cheating, then what do they do to avoid them. It is possible that there is a reason why your partner is cheating. It is a waste of time to see something precious you built overtime has been played by being unfaithful. For now, all I can think of is the treatment each person gets in a relationship. It is comedy of life to see how wrong we could be at times that. How sweet and yet painfully pierces your honest heart the relationships we go through. How do you keep your relationship special?
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@tjdas83 (178)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
If being faithful is a matter of principal, then I think naturally one would be able to avoid cheating due to the inner voice in them. Like for me, I can't sleep well at night if I found myself going against my principals. I guess, the guilt of it all will stop you from going further. As for keeping the relationship special, having variety can spice things up. Don't make things you do to show love a routine. For example, during anniversaries, don't let it always be about buying gifts for each other. Go places or do something different and unexpected. Even when making love, mix it up a little. Most of the time, routine is the cause of boredom and as humans, we tend to get bored fast. I guess the best way is to avoid routine.
• Philippines
20 Nov 09
I see that satisfaction can play a big role in the relationship not being routine. I've lived around people specially with family and find that I have a large tolerance of other people annoying me that it annoys them. There is a special balance in that relationship to keep that fire burning. I don't expect much in people but believing in them makes a difference and makes you want to work with both their troubles and all time highs and be optimistic with them. I don't think it is all bad when dealing with cheating but it is awfully painful and hard to forgive when going through one. Keep enjoying yours and hopefully I could read one of your good dates here in mylot. :-)