Have you consulted a psychic or clairvoyant before?

March 21, 2009 6:46pm CST
At the stage I am in right now, after a broken relationship, I am very tempted to call a psychic for a reading to understand what is going on with my life. Have any of you used the services of psychics or clairvoyants? What was your experience with them? I understand some connect to angels and spirit guides, while others do crystal gazing and tarot to find the answers. Just how good are these? And is it worth investing in these things? Do we really get revealing answers to our questions?
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• Canada
4 Apr 09
i happen to be psychic..every now n then i'll charge for psychic readings and whatnot, and i also do astrological relationship readings. i only charge for the psychic readings because it truely does DRAIN you. you can get very wiped out from doing a psychic reading lol if you want, i can let you know why your relationship didn't work out. i would need both your birthdays, but not years. for free!
5 Apr 09
oh that would be so cool and helpful, jennajen. How do you want me to send you the information? thanks for your response
• Canada
5 Apr 09
i'm pretty new to this site...so i dont know .. is there a private messaging system?
5 Apr 09
Yes, but it works only after we have added each other as friends. Let me make a Friendship Request to you through the mylot system
@punlonnjack (1309)
• United States
22 Mar 09
hello lucky I have seen a tarot card reader once and at the time it was very believable.Somethings were right on the money about my family and relationships but the scary thing is she told me if i did'nt keep the reading a secret from my family for at least two weeks i would become ill.well you know what i became very ill because i told everyone.i guess its all in what you want to believe but my grandmother warned me not to go to the reading that it opens the doors to the dark world.i did'nt quite know what she meant at the time i was young.I understand that it probably was'nt real ,my illness related to the reading but who knows? Also the reader told me things like i would have two children in my second marriage and so far i've only been married once with no children.Other then a step daughter that she never mentioned? but i will tell you i will never spend my money on a tarot reading or anything that will for tell my future simple because my faith lies in the hands of God and i don't want to influence my decisions in life based on what a stranger or cards tell me.That's just my opinion. also on a lighter note i made a joke my sister wanted to try the card reader so i said i would go with her a few weeks later after i went.so we left to go and when we arrived there the sign said closed.I told my sister see they are not real cause if they are psychic they would of known we were coming to spend money.lol..hope this help you.thanks for letting me share.p.s be careful what you dabble in.