Phosphor: Online Browser FPS semi-multiplayer

March 21, 2009 7:01pm CST
Hey, just wanted to bring this up, its been out for some time, its still in its BETA form so dont have too high expectations for it right now. To me, this game is pretty good considering it to be free and beta. Its a mix off UT and CSS Once the game loads up, you can set up controls to fit you, set number of bots (max is 7) set difficulty, graphics, BGM, etc... As the title of this discussion says, its semi multiplayer (i just made that up) I dont know if you can play on internet servers (i dunno how to host one) but there is a LAN option. LINK: If link doesnt work, search up phosphor So post up your experience if you have already played it, and if you havent give this online-browser FPS a try and post up your experience.
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