what kind of student are you, passive or active

March 21, 2009 8:28pm CST
I am an active student during my grade and high school years. I was an officer in our student body organization and liked by my teachers because i was dependable and responsible to all the tasks assigned to me.
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• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
hello... i am not an active student.....the only thing i was active is at my school martial art club.it is because i like martial art but when it comes to study im not the one whose active. but thank god eventhough i am not an active student i always got good grade.i feel thankful for that...=)
@Ramsay (131)
• Canada
22 Mar 09
Hi there. well, I have to admit that during my high school years, I was not active at all. The only activity I did was go in the front door and out the back.! I just was not interested in school at all. Now I am going back and getting my education, but at the time, I wasnt the least bit interested in anything but socializing