Spend 3.55 trillion dollars?

@scheng1 (24733)
March 21, 2009 10:16pm CST
Obama's 3.55 trillion dollars multi-year budget is such a fantastic figure! If the money is able to lift the world out of recession, and everyone lives happily ever after, then it's worth spending. The money may return in the form of taxation, refund of bail-out money from those stupid companies, and earnings from export. Still, 3.55 trillion is a lot of money. Maybe Obama can ask the law enforcement teams to carpet search the whole country for illegal arms, illegal drug and pirated CDs. Size all these items and then sell them away to Middle East. I guess doing it once a year will result in some income to pay the salary of the civil servants. Then he got to command the prisoners to work to pay for their lodging (prison cells) and meals. China used to be exemplary in this. The prisoners were put to good use in building roads. If they were executed, the families got to pay the cost of the bullets. At least the cost of wrong-doings is not charged to the taxpayers who work so hard.
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