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United States
March 21, 2009 11:10pm CST
Hi everyone,not to sure how i feel about my situation,My husband wants to start rideing a motorcycle again and i am not to sure how i feel about that.He used to ride a motorcle every day up untill 4 years ago when he was in a real bad accident,He was on his way home from work and some lady thay was on her cell phone pulled out in front of him.Yes i got that sad phone call your husband was in accident,you better come down to the place it happened at,because it does not look good.I rushed down there to find him on the ground uncontious and blood all over the place,they air lifted him to the hospitle on the way their they had to revive him,thank god it worked,we got to the hospital and the stopped the bleeding but wated to amputat his leg and i said noso they did not do that,they fixed the best they could and said that he would never walk again.After the 4 operation he had on his leg we thought everything was ok untill they gave him heprom witch he is allergice too that made his heart stop again,after that was all done with a couple of days later he had caught a staff infection and had to stay in intensive car for 1 monthanyhow after being in the hospital for 6 months he came home and learned how to walk again.AFTER WE WENT THROUGH ALL OF THIS HE WANTS TO RIDE AGAIN,,i dont wat to say no to him becausehe loves rideing what should i do
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22 Mar 09
motorcycle accident  - fatal motor accident
remind your husband what he had been experienced years back due to motorcycle accident. that might help him realize the risk of what he is thinking right now. if i am on your shoes i will get mad too because he it seems that he is putting himself at grave again knowing that he had previous accident. hope you can convince him.
• United States
22 Mar 09
Thank you i will talk to him.Iam not sure if that will work he is so stuburn.He went out and bought aused one about a month ago and thank god it needed work.Iam hoping that he forgets about it or it gets to hot for him to ride,wictch should not be long we live in ga and he does not like to drive in hot weather.