I really hate that it happened to me... and you...

@tjades (3592)
March 22, 2009 12:02am CST
I posted a discussion this morning which relayed some mistaken information concerning a Mylot feature. I used Firefox for the first time and it had spell check which I was unaware of. I thought it was a new Mylot feature and the discussion was based on this mistake. Now I just got back on here and realize that the discussion has been deleted. Drat... I hate that it happened to me and that those who responded had some loss as well. I had some idea it would be deleted has it contained faulty information and I am somewhat thankful as well that it has been removed. My regret is just that I had a discussion deleted at all. Sort-a spoil my record here if you know what I mean but I guess I am now more aware of a part of mylot that I was a bit oblivious to until now. I remember once losing a post to a discussion which was deleted and thats just about all the deletion encounters I know of that I have had here until now. Id just like to say sorry to those who lost a post in that discussion today. I realize that some mylotters are used to this sort of thing happening but does it bother you when you lose a post or a discussion because it was deleted.
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