How to meet new friends in facebook?

Hong Kong
March 22, 2009 2:50am CST
I have started using facebook for nearly a year but I still couldn't find out how to meet new friends there. All the friends in my facebook are those who I already know in real life or someone that I couldn't contact for a long time....... Do you use facebook to find new friends? And are there good ways to make new friends in Facebook?
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23 Mar 09
Maybe join some groups that interest you and see who are members and then maybe you can chat with them about the interest you have in common. Have you tried playing Yoville on facebook? You can meet people on that too, I used to play that and go round to peoples virtual parties and dance and chat as my avatar. Its fun:)
@bigv038 (66)
22 Mar 09
Another good way is to add a few of the applications, 'are you interested' is a good way of meeting people. There are plenty of community applications such as yoville for example. Where you chat to people and eventually add them as a friend if you want, these can be quite fun too. A few of the other applications have forums where you can chat about the application and whatever you want really.
• Japan
22 Mar 09
if you want to find a lot of friends in facebooks.. there this section where you can find differents peoples. in the home page recent users and new user are displayed..