Is this your daugher?

@ip5217 (1656)
March 22, 2009 3:21am CST
Children are so aggressive nowadays. Do you have a daughter? What if, one night,you wanted to kiss your 13-year old baby girl a sweet goodnight; then, as you open the door, you caught her making-out with someone. What would you do next? What if it's not even her boyfriend. It was her 'girl' bestfriend. What would you do next?
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@phoenix79 (304)
• United States
23 Mar 09
I have a five year and a two year old. It is hard for me to believe that they are going to be going into school next year. I know that this is a good chance that this could be an issue with one of them. Normally one out of ten children are homosexual, in my family it is one out of three. So there is always that 30% chance. Saying that thank god nothing like that has ever happened to me I do not know how I would react to that.
• China
22 Mar 09
Yes, you say is a commom thing. Yong girls rebel there parents. I think you can confabulate with her, not order her to do.