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March 22, 2009 5:29am CST
I was thinking tonight about how things are and how things use to be. I can remember a time when I was in 1st grade. I went to a school that allowed the students to be paddled if they were acting up. I can remember a time when we would sing American songs like Oh Beautiful, and The Star Spangle Banner and things like that. I can remember saying the pledge of allegiance before class started. I can also remember when America stopped being America. There was a time when I would fly from California to Texas by myself with out going through lines of security. I can remember when things were simple and people were happy. I can remember a time when neighbors had bbq's without worring if the person next to them was a pedifiler or mass murder. And when people lived with in their means. I can also remember where I was on Sept. 11, 2001. I remember that the guy I was with was out of town. And I woke up thinking it was all just a hoax or something like that. Then when reality sunk in I saw something. I can remember thinking that this was it, the end of the way life was. I think everyone who saw it, everyone who was affected by the acts of those cowards. I think that was the day Americans woke up to reality and it hit them like a brick wall. Or perhaps it was of another kind of waking that only the divine can understand and orchestrate. The other day I was reading an article called The Watchmen,911, and the Harbingers. Well in my mind I thought it had to do something with the movies so naturally i opened it but it wasn't reviews of someone saying that this movie should be banned or anything like that. It sort of filled in the blank for me and I thought i would share this with you. According to the article, on April 30th, 1789 for the first time in America had a constitution, a house of representives, and a president all together. Not in Washington but in New York. And after George Washington was sworn in they went to pray at the church, which by the way is still there. Thanks to tree that was in the way of a piece of steel that had fallen from one of the towers that fell on 9-11. Perhaps some see it as God's judgment some saw it as a tradegic event that happened. Well for me that was the day something died in America. That day our illusions and the way we have all these things - distractions if you will- around us. I was just thinking that all this stuff that is going on just might be some thing to do with God than what the people of this nation think. I mean even Washington himself said this: We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and the right which heaven itself has ordained. So he knew something didn't he? The warning he gave us when America was first conceived. America's future blessing would be, as with Israel, it hangs on its relationship with God. If America should begin to depart from God, its blessings its prosperity and its protection shall be lifted up. But you should read the article yourself and find out something new about what you thought you already knew.
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22 Mar 09
No matter what anyone says I believe all things happen for a reason whether bad or good. I also believe that our government should be more concerned with America as a whole than to worry about other countries. We have hungry children in America & we need to take care of them first before other children. I also believe that our four fathers that wrote our constitution would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on in America. Every man, woman & child is created equal in the eyes of God. As much money as America has everyone should have a job, a home & a decent vehicle to drive to go to work & take our kids to the doctor. And everyone in America should have decent health insurance.