worked on a sunday?????????//

@parthu28 (499)
March 22, 2009 8:58am CST
today was i Sunday but the whole day today i was in my office.sinec 11 in the morning to 6.30 in the evening i was sitting in my office doing my work..but somehow i enjoyed doing my work... have you ever worked on a sunday????????????
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
23 Mar 09
I work from home nowadays so any day can be a work day for me. I don't mind because I love what I do although sometimes I tend to over do it and I start to feel down, that's when I know I need the weekend off! I worked Sundays at my old job sometimes; it was a drag having to get up early on a weekend and go in but once I got there I was okay and I enjoyed getting paid the overtime. Hope you don't have to work too often on a Sunday; as long as they pay you well!
• India
22 Mar 09
Yes I am a Server support Enginner... I have 24 X 7 duties...sometime I had work on sat and sun day...
• India
22 Mar 09
Yes, I have worked on a Sunday couple of times. It really makes you crazy! One will be waiting for the weekend to relax after hectic week days work and if you need to go on a Sunday too..NO.
@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
22 Mar 09
sunday should be and always be a day for our families but as for this generation of yuppies, sundays are also a day for work. when i was working in the call center industry, sunday which for some employees is a great day to spend quality time with their family and friends, but for us, it's time for work in the office. before i signed the contract i had thought of that possibility that they will take my privileged to spend sunday with my family, going to church and all the things that a regular family do during sundays. but working during sundays means double pay hahaha
@lighten (30)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 09
I'm working full time monday till friday, but somehow, I still have to come to work on saturday and sunday. Not to complain or anything, but I enjoyed my work no matter what day it is. Hope will goes to you, when you have to work almost 7 days a week. ;)
@freerr (667)
• China
22 Mar 09
Of course, overtime work is a normal thing. Keep relax, you can think good point about your overtime work. It can make you increasing your ability, earning more money, make you feeling fully. Don't be sad.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
22 Mar 09
That sucks I feel bad for you. Luckly ive never had to work on a sunday before. Ive had to work on a saturday before once to take over my friends shift and that was pretty much hell. I hated it. I didnt like anyone there since they were mostly bratty teenagers and the place was packed. I never want to work on the weekends again since its my time to rest lol.
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
22 Mar 09
For me every day is a work day including weekends and holidays. Yes I work 7 days per week, I hardly ever take off. See if I don't work, I don't make any money and that means I can't pay bills or buy food. But I like to work, it makes me happy and I like the money too. If I want to take off from work I can because I work from home and I am my own boss.