A friend who loves you but makes fun of you

@amrith (291)
March 22, 2009 11:32pm CST
What will be your reaction to a friend whom you feel loves you but make fun of you every time . you like him or try to avoid him?
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• Philippines
24 Mar 09
A friend who loves you will not make fun of you.If a friend makes fun of me,I would take it as a clear-cut evidence of mockery.I wouldn't want to waste my time and emotions with such a friend.Surely,there are other friends who truly care about me.I'd rather spend my time with them.
@Andi2004 (19)
• United States
23 Mar 09
well in my opinion. it he/she is just playing with you then i would make fun of him/her back i mean if they do care for you or wants to be your friend then i would joke back with them. i have this friend we make fun of our hight all the time i say she is so short i cant and thats why i cant find her in the store and she makes a comment back but then i say that we are both short i cant see over the clothes and she is not tall enough. my nickname is shorty. the thing is don't let it get to you just talk to your friend and say he/she is hurting your fillings when they make fun of you they may stop or may not but friends are hard to find and it takes time.
• Canada
23 Mar 09
If i had a friend that constantly made fun of me I would not be friends anymore or i would just stay away from them. I deserve better than that.find someone who truelly cares about and will not make fun of you.
@kprabhu (439)
• India
23 Mar 09
it depends upon the situation that i feel at that time, if i feel very unhappy with him then i sought but wont hate him, i try to convince him to dont do such things again! for me i keep always friend with him if he really cares of!