Friends of convienence

United States
March 22, 2009 11:41pm CST
Do you have any friends you're just friends with because it's just convenience. I'm friends with a couple people because im in a crappy program where theyre the only ones im really around. I don't like any of them really (maybe 1 or 2) but I have to be. Is that bad?
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@23uday (2998)
• India
23 Mar 09
Hi friend, I have so many friends they are not a just friends or not just convience for me. True friend is a true friend. I have added in mylot friends in my friendslist. have a nice day.
@venchaul (541)
• China
23 Mar 09
I think it is common and normal to take them as friends. Everyone is living with those who needs communication, so it is necessarry to take it as way of communicating. In fact we can have more on net,don't you think so?
• United States
23 Mar 09
It really depends on the situation as to whether or not it's bad. I have some friends who are kind of a package deal with other people I hang out with (ie: boyfriends/girlfriends of friends, people who always party with my friends, etc.) I think there's a difference between finding common ground with someone you don't love and hanging out with them and just flat out making friends with people you can't stand just because they might give you a ride somewhere. Ultimately it always does really depend on the situation. Sometimes when you're both in a crappy situation (ie: stuck in summer gym class or something) then the need is mutual for a temporary friend.
• United States
23 Mar 09
its bad, yes, but, I have a friend I only call for rides, and another that I hang out with when I know that she will take me to dinner or out for drinks. And, another I invite over to stay the night, and she always watches my kids for me. And, the one I call for rides, does things that I simply dont feel like doing. I dont have him to do that everyday, but just sometimes when I just don't feel like doing anything....Is that bad?