An unusual Rock Battle

March 23, 2009 8:06am CST
Beatles vs. Rolling Stones = I choose The Rolling Stones Jimmy Page vs. Jimi Hendrix = I'm with Jimmy Fender vs. Gibson = Gibsons for me Metallica vs. Megadeth = Metallica's my vote EMO vs. Grunge = Grunge man
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@arvaster (521)
• United States
23 Mar 09
Meh, what a list. Beatles - more value to music business and evolution of rock music. But stones just sounds so much better. Still chose Beatles. Jimi Hendrix - I shouldn't even have to say anything about the best guitarist ever wander this earth. Gibson - Love. (Fender has a few nice axes but most of them are too whiny and blehhhhh) Metallica - But Megadeth is more original. They're good friends anyway, hence lots of similarity. Emo - Grunge is so boring. Yet emo is without skills. So that was a pretty tough choice :P
• Philippines
6 Jun 09
LOL. Nice choice man. Rock on!
@freakaki (15)
• Greece
23 Mar 09
can i choose all of them? lol nice choises u made man ok i choose beatles - hendrix - gibson - metallica and ofcourse grunge