Is safe to Invest? Join now and get Returns from me!

March 23, 2009 8:07am CST
Hi mylotters! there is a new ptc website called valuebux. You earn normal 0.01 per click and 0.005 per referral click. And minimum payout is 5USD. However, I feel this website is a future scam and its design is exactly like Buxout,.com which was the biggest scam of the year in 2008. But since the site has launched, we should use its benefits and obviously it will not go scam for the next 2-3 months since the admin is here to make money. So once his site generates enough money say around 50000-60000USD, then he will surely go scam. So its better join now start clicking and take your share. Purchase refs, do anything to get referrals and withdraw payments. If you havent joined this website join under me and I will give you my referral income returns when your reach 100 clicks. You can go to my profile and click on the banner to register. Enjoy!
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