cute kids contests .. bad idea?

United States
March 23, 2009 12:28pm CST
i have some damn cute kids, now i know every parent thinks that but ive thought about enterring them in contests. im not sure if i think its wrong or not? i dont want to end up with stuck up beauty queens full of annoying confidences but they're really cute kids and i would love to see their pictures on a magazine cover.. what do u think?
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• Canada
23 Mar 09
Hi I think that cute kids contests are bad. You should watch the show toddlers and tiaras! They have beauty contests for toddlers. Even babies are on it. I think it is crule to the children. They even have weight limits in that contest for children as young as 1! If the child is to fat there not aloud to compete. Its a sin! You are basicaly openeing up your child to a world of beauty in a bad way. I feel that those contests portray to the children that they have to be skinny and beautifal in the judges eyes to be actually "beautifal" I also thought of entering my children in cute kids contests but after watching toddlers and tiaras I wouldnt even think of it now!