Have you ever watched the movie shrek the third??!

March 24, 2009 12:39am CST
I liked the film and it made me laugh but the series is being overdone and each new film isn't as good as it should be. I liked the new fairytale characters but the plot was a bit slow. Shrek the Third is as good as the other two. Why prefer just one when you can triple your pleasure? The animation is even better than before. Everything you could expect is here: adventure, romance, laughs. This movie doesn't let you down. This series also offers a great message for younger and older audiences: Everything that's pretty isn't gold, and the best values come from the heart. This is about the best computer-animated feature film DreamWorks has ever produced (except for Madagascar)! I loved it! John Cleese is amazing, and the whole modern-talk from Mike Meyers just blew me off! It's funny how I enjoyed it although I've seen the behind-the-scenes beforehand.
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