I got my job in this way,how about you?

@SmilyQin (180)
March 24, 2009 5:33am CST
It was one year before,I work in a SPA as a part time receptionist.They hired me because i can speak good English.But i was unhappy with the environment and salary here.But I did work with my passion. One morning,there came a middle-aged foreign women.I welcomed her and lead her to the treatment room.She asked me how to tranfer the surbway.I told her.But i was afraid that she might got lost.So i wrote her situation and my contact number on one paper.I gave that paper to her,asked her be careful.When she left she gave me her card. The day after,someone call me.And i realized it was her.She thanked me and ask me to go her place someday. I knew something gonna happen.But i don't want to think to much. I went to her place,actually her company or my company now.We talked a lot and we can also call that a interview.I can see that she was very satisfied with me.Then i changed my job here. Ok,it is my story about my job,now tell me something about yours,I think everyone might have a wonderful story about it.
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@bamrahkirti (1819)
• India
24 Mar 09
Well i was working with a real estate co.before my marriage.The employer was very good and he was quite satisfied with my work.I had to leave the job because of my marriage in some other city.After settling down in my married life and giving birth to the baby ,i wanted to work again and met my former employer,he then referred me to his partner who has an automobile dealership at the place where i am married and the next day i got the job.My present job is good and pays me decent salary.I really like to thank my former employer for this.
@SmilyQin (180)
• China
24 Mar 09