Laughter, the best medicine...

March 24, 2009 6:47am CST
I have always wondered why people laugh. And if you seriously think about it, why do we laugh when something is funny? What defines "funny"? What can be the point of facial contortions, respiratory spasms and wierd noises? Why does this natural reaction take place? Instead fo laughing, what if we did something else? What if it was replaced by something, say... Crying? Think about it...
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• Philippines
24 Mar 09
I agree that laughter is the best medicines as per Reader's Digest. lol. But personally when we laugh, all the problems that we have set aside and as long as we're happy and laughing, our minds and brains does not think of any physical or emotional illness were currently undergoing. Maybe we can't explain why we are laughing, but it tends that our mind catches any mind tickling activity that others done to us. And crying was contrary to laughing because we usually cry when we are sad, lonely, in great depression, has thinking a problem or maybe it's a tears of joy that is not usually occurs when we cry. I think crying doesn't help to cure any sickness aside from the dust that enters into your eyes...
@neha2k94u (408)
• India
24 Mar 09
I dont think its something very amazing in laughing!! Its the very nature of all of us, We smile, we laugh, coz we are made this way, to laugh, to celebrate and to be happy only...
• United States
24 Mar 09
I have never wondered about this. I guess I just have too much fun laughing and laughing and laughing. If I chose to cry instead of laugh I would not get all of the exercise that I derive from laughing. What really interests me is when a baby laughs. They seem to laugh over things that are so unexpected and then everyone around them laughs. Maybe laughing is just joy bursting out as crying is sadness bursting out. I think I would rather burst out with joy. I am smiling on this beautiful sunny crisp new day.