Stop Global Warming

March 24, 2009 7:13am CST
Global Warming has become a very serious threat to human life. Many of disasters experienced by all humans on earth. Most of the disasters are the result of global warming. Humans continue to destroy the nature and regardless of the efforts to save the nature. As a result, the human life being more threatened. In fact, the earth is our inheritance to our children. We can stop global warming by saving the electricity, using fuel with low emissions, planting trees, do not careless discard waste, reduce polution, and many more ways that we can do. What have you done for stopping global warming?
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• Philippines
26 Mar 09
Global Warming is a serious crisis that we are currently facing. There are some global programs that were brought up to reduce or lessen up the causes of this issue. One of this is that Turning off the lights all the lights world wide for just an hour. This will occur on March 28, 2009 at exactly 8:30pm up to 9:30pm. This will help to reduce the heat coming from the light that we are using. In fact, a single light bulb will not affect the reduction of heat but if all country world wide and billions of people will participate to the program, then that will be the time that will create a major impact to the crisis such as global warming.
• Indonesia
26 Mar 09
Great program. I think if all people around the world do the same thing on March 28, 2009, it will make a major impact to the crisis. Yeah, i'm sure if we do together, we can make anything and change anything for one goal.
• Argentina
11 Dec 09
Yes, it's true. Global warming modify so many things. Between them, it melts the icebergs, change the environment and kills many animals. It leads to extinction in some species that can't face those changes so as I said it can cause some local extinctions. Besides forests destruction doesn't help.
• India
28 Apr 09
you are right. this is our planet and we have to protect it. we can stop global warming by cutting down the usage of fossil fuels. minimized usage of vehicals is an effective way to stop global warming. inspite of global warming there is another threat from ozone depletion. it has aggravated the situation by allowing UV rays to reach the earth. this leads to melting of ice caps which in fact leads to rising of sea level leading to submerging of coastal areas. this will indeed affect the weather and climate. unless we do something to stop global warming and ozone depletion this will continue to threaten the existance of mankind. the best measure to stop this is to grow more trees.