Referrals or No referrals? What's your strategy?

Chennai, India
March 24, 2009 10:52am CST
What is your preference? To earn with referrals? Or click, earn and cashout without referrals? Do you promote or just exchange links? What's the site you got most referrals from? (To me, it's Mylot, Linkgrand and No-minimum, in their order)
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• India
10 Apr 09
My strategy is to earn without referrals. because they dont take interest in online earning. I earn with my own efforts.
@Nancy312 (283)
• China
31 Mar 09
I got 4 referrals in mylot till now,but they are all not very active,so i can't earn from them either.From your discussion,i find some sites you talked about,and i do not know what they are used for,and how to use.Maybe when i'm free,i will search the function of these sites to learn more.Anyway,thanks for your discussion.
@pardhu8 (391)
• India
30 Mar 09
It's really hard for me to get referrals.I'm just ask my friends who are interested in making money online to join.Now i'm planning to rent the refferals for sometime especially for neobux site.I don't know any other ways to get the refferals.
@heehaw78 (566)
• Malaysia
30 Mar 09
well i may do it without referrals or with referrals either way as long it is paying me.But of course i would prefer to get more referrals, it makes you easier to earn. Sometimes i do exchange referrals too with others, that is the only way we may get referrals faster. But however a referral still may be active or inactive its up to our luck.