Do you think that jealousy can ever be a good thing?

@blion23 (404)
United States
March 24, 2009 4:11pm CST
Being jealous of another person pushed you to work harder because you want to be better than them. I know that it is not good to be jealous but do you think that in terms of doing well in school and some other aspects of life, it can be a good things?
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• South Korea
25 Mar 09
sometimes is good but sometime it might be bad dont be jealous instead admire themm make them as example or you can make them as inspiration dont look at them make your own be a better one.i did it.
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
i think jealousy can be a good thing. depending on the persons involved, and depending on the situation. sometimes, a little jealousy is needed in the relationship. jealousy sometimes proves that the person is still much in love with their partner. because if not they would not mind whether their partner is with someone else than them. but of course too much jealousy is no better. anything that is too much is bad. anyway happy mylotting!
@Aquilis (175)
24 Mar 09
Jealousy is a horrible thing that can only destroy one self esteem and view of those around them. There is no point seeking after what others have, as you can only ignore yourself in this way and so while you might be constantly looking to gain what you do not have, you will never be happy with what you do. Being jealous will only lead to bad feelings towards other peole when you find that you are different from them, and are thus unable to do what they can, or have what they have which will only make you feel worse about yourself. Remember, always try to find the good and the joy in what you have, and what you can do. Rather than trying to catch up with others, improve yourself and be happy with you.
@azertacxw (142)
• Morocco
24 Mar 09
hi i think that the men jalousy and women's is different.perhapes the man jalousy is agressive but this agressivité wich keeps the securité to the women but the women jalousy is in the most times inside
• United States
24 Mar 09
Jealousy is a double edged sword..sometimes it is helpful in a class or a competition but between friends and family it is very divides everyone and destroys relationships..but depending on the the context you take it in, it can be both good and bad..if you think you are jealous think about what aspect you are jealous about, not who you are jealous about..
• Australia
24 Mar 09
i think a certain amount of jealousy can be healthy, a partner should care and notice when someone else is threatening their relationship but there is line that should not be crossed. this is where trust really needs to come into play