How do i transfer money between accounts?

March 24, 2009 5:15pm CST
I have two accounts in runescape, after the trade limit came, i've been unable to transfer my money between the accounts. The only thing i have been able to do, is to trade 10k every 15 minutes. Do you know any other way of doing it??
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30 Mar 09
okay, im not sure if anyone above answered your question yet.but, go on youtube and look this up. i found it, it worked, but i cant remember now, it has to do with slayer, buying slayer equipment from slayer master for 100(example) selling to ur other account for trade price of 20(also example) then the other player with item sells to slayer master for the money, so yea. hope i helped
1 Apr 09
This doesn't work anymore. It is method where you buy something that's cheaper than ge price and sell to other account but they are trying to fix all prices in all shops.
@gblax123 (38)
• United States
28 Mar 09
You will probably get banned trying to do this. I would recommend find about 10 friends to do this with. Go with the money you want to transfer and buy armor(zammy is good for this). Go into bounty hunter with your whole troop and kill anyone that tries to attack you. Kill the person with the zammy armor, and you get his stuff. Poeple think this doesn't work, but it does. It is risky, so good luck!
29 Mar 09
Bounty hunter is closed for a month now. They fixed all well known methods.
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26 Dec 10
You can try buying harpoons. I used to buy Harpoons at the fishing shop where they were really cheap. Then put them on the grand exchange where they were worth a lot more. Then I would go on my other account and buy the harpoons and the money would land on my main account.
• United States
25 May 09
i had the same problem what i did was i got one of my other accounts to carry how ever much money i wanted to transfer into the wildy, i found a nice empty spot that was high enough ffor me to kill him, then i ran back to lvl 20 and telled to varrock (but im a mage you can just rune there)
• United States
23 Apr 09
well be lucky they made it 10k otherwise u would be stuck at 3k every 15 minutes
@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
27 Mar 09
10k at a time is the best you can do. or maybe you can try doing more quests on both the accounts and you will be able to transfer more money in a single trade. you can also stake money at dual arena as well. these are some of the ways but there is not a single way that will allow you to transfer huge amount of gp at the same time.
• Australia
27 Mar 09
Gee, you're not lazy are you? *cough* You see, if you want money on one Runescape account, chances are (now at least), you'll have to make it on that Runescape account. Besides, if you focus your time on just one of them (*gasp*, only one), then you can train the skills on that one, in turn making more gold on that one, then you won't need the other one at all. I won't recommend buying it anymore, because: A, it's against the rules. B, I don't want to let people cheat. C, because they'll probably steal your account. D, because it's stupid. In fact, transferring gold between accounts is stupid. And illegal. And Runescape knows your I.P address better than you do, (better than I do anyway).
@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
25 Mar 09
i know how to but i'm not telling you, it's against the rules and it's unfair
25 Mar 09
There are only a few methods of trading money between accounts on free. There are many on members. I won't tell you any because: 1)It don't want to 2)It is against jagex's rules 3)It would get patched by jagex 4)I could sell it for 5-10$ for every copy of guide 5)I don't know any Just make the money on another account.
@uath13 (8227)
• United States
25 Mar 09
Not without high risk or likely to get you banned. Sorry.