Why is it when you lose something you smile all day?

@taface412 (3176)
United States
March 24, 2009 6:50pm CST
Well I have only four weeks left on my weight loss challenge at work. And I know in the Spring I always drop a few pounds. Well I was back and forth on my weigh in days and the last one two weeks ago was actually a horrible one. I was exactly the same weight as the beginning weigh in. But today I weighed and guess what I lost seven pounds. I am not sure but I think I now am in the lead on my weight group. Which i don't care about winning the cash pot. I just want to keep it going. I only need to lose a measely four more to make my goal weight I set for myself. But now am rethinking in the next few weeks to shoot for ten. Which would put me at 139. Either way I do not care. I know I look great, which is a feat in itself to allow myself to say after all these years and I put my little black dress (the LBD) on and I am ready to get the rest of this off.... So do you find yourself smiling all day when you have a great weigh in?
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