how do you act around guys?

@mhayfie (242)
March 24, 2009 9:52pm CST
i wonder and im clueless if how you manage to act around guys especially is your crush is around you? is it the best way to strike up a conversation? to let him know your interested? to cheer him up??? ------------what? whatz the best way to act around them?
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@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
25 Mar 09
Hello mhayfie! When my crush is around I am actually silent. I am conscious and very careful with my actions. I don't even look at him..hehehe..So all my crushes, they think that I am not interested with them..hehe..I would never let my crush know that I like him.
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
well, prolly the most common response to this one is to BE YOURSELF.. well, it's actually harder for most people than they think.. what if they dont know themselves, right? well, if you are really shy, just think about it - nothing will ever happen if both of you will be shy or if both of you will be waiting to strike up a conversation.. just be cool.. think about it as you're just conversing with your girl friend or siblings or if you have a brother, better.. im kinda lucky i grew up with 2 brothers si really know how to strike a conversation to guys like basketball, dota, naruto, music, and what-knot.. although the downside would be your crush thinking of you as just one of the boys.. now u dont wanna be in that zone, do yah? cuz pretty soon he'll talk to to u about his crushes and all his darkest secrets while you secretly have fallen inlove with him which is like the worst feeling and totally a different discussion! lol.. so, just make it simple.. do not overthink about it as you most likely will mess it up.. if you're really not comfortable, at least try to be or try to act comfortable.. then it'll just all follow.. goodluck!