are u an active person in your friend's relationship?

@kunking (1116)
March 24, 2009 11:51pm CST
Hi,everyone! i have think about this question for some time. frankly speaking, i'm not an active person. and so do some of my friends. often we didn't keep in touch with each other for quite a long time. It's not difficult for us to know each other though.that means, neither of us likes to call the other first even like 'hello, how are u doing'. so my fellow lotters, what kind of person u are in ur friend's relationship? will u always keep in touch with ur friends actively?
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• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Well, I keep in touch with some of my friends. We just lost communication because we are busy in school. But, when we have time, we go out. We are still as the same as before. Noisy, Loves to makes jokes and all.
@jiacky (191)
• China
25 Mar 09
yes I will.I always together with friends . I will feel uncomfortale without them. I think a lot of friendship!
• United States
25 Mar 09
It depends. I had a friend for a long time who I'd not speak with unless I happened to be in the area visiting and then we'd get together and have dinner. I've lost track him since moving this way but that's the sort of friendship he and I had. Other friends I have a very active relationship with. We write often, speak on the phone, meet up, etc. I think all friendships have their own levels and not all are on the same level. Namaste-Anora