March 25, 2009 1:20am CST
These last few days ago, there are news about manny's bout with Hatton this coming may about what t.v network in the Philippines that will have the right for coverage of his up coming fight. One of the controversy is between the two leading networks, you see manny is in the first station few years ago, and some of his previous fights have been covered by that first network, and later on he transferred to the second t.v network and his latest fights are covered by that second network. Lately manny's interview regarding who will cover his fight this may was aired in the first network and he stated their that he will come back to his first network and will have himself back to the old network.. but just days after his public interview. News came that there are few misunderstandings and the Head man in the first network stated that Manny will not push through his return to the first network but instead will remain in the second tv network. How is he then? Man without Word of Honor?? What do you think Guys.. How would you explain that..
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@Zaphan (711)
• Philippines
28 Mar 09
I think he knows what he's doing, the first network you said told manny that they will contribute for manny pacman campaign this coming election.. and we all know that money pacman wants to have slot, to be a(Congressman) right? I think that's the reason why money pacman will air it in 1st network because of the persuasion, but he didn't think of the consequences afterward. he's head is getting bigger! but I admire him for being a good fighter!
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
You are right he absolutely knows what he is doing. It really doesn't matter to me what tv network will air his fight as long as he will win..hehe I hope he will make Filipinos proud again...
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Because of so many brilliant advisers and big men friends of Pacman he is able to attain the wrong decision which he think is right without really knowing into results or consequences on it, thus that issue may put some intrigue, questions to million of his supporters.
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Yes you are right, that will be one of the reasons why manny have variable decisions. We all know that his advisers are so manny and those people aroound him differs, some are poloticians, showbiz people and others. It will all affect him as well. His unstable statements really will question his honor in keeping his words.
@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
20 Jun 09
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i know my comment may be a little too late but i would suggest that manny gets a publicist or a lawyer to consult with with anything he would say or even do. no offense but his educational qualifications is quite limited when it comes to complications that all his contracts entail.
@obroc17 (51)
• Philippines
19 Apr 09
He just made a mistake for that announcement. He should think first before speak.