hi ,girls ! Are you scared of your father?

@specific (156)
South Korea
March 25, 2009 1:23am CST
To be a daughter ,I am a little scared of my father.My father is man who is easy to lose his temper .Based on this fact that when my father were angry with me,I was always scared of him and sometimes I do not have the courage to say anyting.But sometimes my father is very gentle that i love him and i like to talk to him all day long.Every time he criticizes at me ,I feel that he is too strict with me and i would stady silent ,angry and disappionted.However,if i left him for several days i definitly will miss him .No matter what ,i love my father.Hi ,girls!what is your relationship with your father,are your afraid of your father?
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@bren_yrra (354)
• Philippines
29 Mar 09
You're lucky because your father is still alive.Thanks for reminding me of my late father.Even if he passed away for 10 months now, my heart is still very grateful of having the best father like him.When he was still alive, we're best of friends so I was not afraid of him.HE's been so kind and loving father and never I saw an angry father in him and he never disciplined us with iron rod or something that will hurt us.Because of the good relationship we had all my brothers and sisters have a high respect in him and it was easy for us to obey what he says.His great love for me made me to love him more.I missed my father so much! While your father is alive, do good things for him, spend time with hime, show yoyr love for him, obey him, and be the best daughter to him..because you'll not pass that way again,nothing is permanent in this world, all things will come to pass so be the best person you can be...
@cuttyrish (2663)
• United States
28 Mar 09
no, i am not usually scared of my dad..my dad is diabetic, so there are times where his mood swings..if he has not eaten breakfast yet, or taken his insulin, he has some mood swings, and he get angry sometimes, i learn what not do and what to do, so that he would not get angry with me...sometimes, i get scared of my dad, when i know that i made a mistake, in which he will surely get mad about...my dad, is a sweet dad though, he talks to me in a calm ways, and always treats me like a child, because he jokes all the time, and he always talks to me about life, and etc...i learned alot from him, and i will keep learning as well..
@jiacky (191)
• China
25 Mar 09
I am not girl,but I am scared of my father very !I don't know why !