how much did you make your first month on mylot? do you get paid for everything?

March 25, 2009 5:56am CST
i read somewhere their paying sceme is going to change? anyone know what parts you dont get paid for? thanks.
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• Philippines
25 Mar 09
Hello there Sugarcarley, about yourquestion well i didn't think that they are changing their payment scheme here, as far as i am paid, i got my payment through my paypal account. I started here second week of February and was able to get the minimum payout which i received recently , March 13. My very very very first payout here on Mylot amounts to $10.82. And i am happy to say that Mylot really pays because i already got that money. Now this month of March, i am aiming to get $15.00. So far so good, i was now able to get $12.41 as of yesterdays earning and will continue my very best here on Mylot. I hope i did encourage you a bit. Happy Mylotting!
25 Mar 09
thanks for all your help! do you know if there is a charge when they pay me in dollars in my paypal, as i actually like in the uk! lol!
@srganesh (6348)
• India
25 Mar 09
Can you give the details from where you get this supposed change in paying scheme?I haven't heard of it yet.About the first month,I didn't reach the minimum payout and the earnings here are confidential so that we can't learn,how much we get for what.Cheers!
25 Mar 09
sorry didn't know they were confidential? did you use mylot a lot during the first money and still not reach the payout limit?
• United States
26 Mar 09
my first month i earned about 7 dollars ... and yes i got paid the following month for the two months work... i love mylot.
• Japan
25 Mar 09
I haven't read any alert messages or discussions about changing the scheme of payment here in mylot. Where did you get that? You are paid for every activity you do here in myLot - creating discussions, replying to other discussions and uploading images. That's all!