what do you do when you are streesed

stressed - stress out
March 25, 2009 6:45am CST
today i was stressed all day cause i need to find somewhere to live alot of repairs needs to be done to the house and i have 2 children i tryed comission hosing but they can't help cause i have $8,000 someone looks after my money and my mums and they went me to look for rental and its so dear at the moment with this econmy and i Am from Australia its even hard to find rentals as well and rentals are starting to get more dear i have been crying and can't think straight what should i do my mum is in a nursing home and the people who look after our money don't fix the house they say they don't have the money i got rejected for the rentals its so hard to get anyone else going througth this or similuar to this
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@youless (87630)
• Guangzhou, China
3 Apr 09
I think you can spend your time by doing something you like. Lately I found it is a good way to feel better. Because lately there are many stressful things for me, then finally I used the oven to bake a nice cuisine and it's very successful. It made me glad. I felt happy to see my family enjoys it. I love China
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• Australia
12 Apr 09
hi there youless i think that when someone enjoys your food that makes you happy happy mylotting
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@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 09
Hello hopejordan, I hope by now, you already managed to settle your problem. It is very hard every where right now, with the economy downturn like this. You need to be patient and make your decision with a calm mind. I know it is not easy to do but you need to try. There is always help available when we need it badly. It is just that we can't see it clearly as we are so much in trouble. Hope everything will be alright with you
• Australia
12 Apr 09
yes i now alot of people get really stressed out and its hard to stay calm but i try to happy mylotting
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