Tips on driving to save

March 25, 2009 7:14am CST
When fuel price is staying at a high level, we need to mind the habbit of driving to save. For instance, pedalling and braking should be appropriate, gear shift be in time, and even the petol filling had been arranged in morning or evening. The tip list is endless, though little a time, they add up to subtential.
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@KupoSin (680)
• United States
25 Mar 09
usually i try to think that i shouldnt need to press the brake (at least almost never). since braking takes away energy that was created from burning gas. by using the brake at the minimum, you use your gas more efficiently. another thing i try to do is letting the engine warm up for a minute before i drive in a cold morning. this lets the engine run more efficiently and less damage on the engine. attempt to buy gas in the morning. due to the high heat in the afternoon, the gasoline may increase temperature, resulting in the gas expanding. your 1 gallon in the morning will get you slightly more than 1 gallon in the afternoon (some pumps have a device to compensate for the change in density of gasoline in the changing temperature. however, the government does not require all gas companies to install this device into their pumps) try not to speed over 55mph. in the equation for air resistance, velocity (speed) is squared( to the 2nd power). therefore, by increasing your speed by 1 at hgih speeds will change your air resistance exponentially. more air resistance equals more energy required to increase your speed. increasing your speed from 60 to 61 requires more energy then increasing your speed from 20-21 make sure your tires are inflated to its recommended pressure. this will get you your best millage and takes very little effort