What will you do at 8.30PM on March 22th 2009...????

Earth Our - Lets save our earth from global warming...!!!
March 25, 2009 11:30am CST
I know what you think now??? the questions is: "what happens at 8.30PM on March 22th 2009??if that is what in your mind, let me tell you. at 8.30PM on March 22th 2009,, it will be EARTH OUR,EARTH OUR is firs time founded by Australia WWF, and first time happened in the world at 2008. In 2008, its only 35 countries participated. The National Geographic Channel Asia will also delay their regular broadcast for one hour at 8.30PM Hongkong Time in order to participate in EARTH OUR. NOW,, 81 countries will be participated for this "saving your world from global warming" moment. How can we save the world with just to turning off your electrical equipment for only one hour?This is because the light energy, that we normally use, for example, only approximately 10% of energy used can be changed to light that we need to illuminate the room, while the remaining 90% will be converted into heat. So, with the lights off the expected heat emanated from the lamp-light urban and other electronic equipment also can be reduced. However, the most important is to turn off lights and many other electronic equipment that need not be expected fuel consumption of hydrocarbons at the power plant can be reduced significantly enough gas so that CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly. As we know that any consumption of fuel hydrocarbons such as oil or coal would result in CO2. And as we know, that CO2 is a greenhouse effect that can prevent the heat out of the earth's atmosphere, with so many CO2 in the atmosphere can increase the temperature at the earth's surface is significantly. And of course the increase in the surface temperature of the earth will bring in a significant impact-a negative impact in our environment on earth. Something that we will not be together if this happens. Well, now knowing that the lights turn off at least one course for one hour course in each household can participate in saving the earth from global warming, whether on 28 March 2009 at 20:30 local time, you become interested to participate in Earth Hour this?SO....!!!! What will you do at 8.30PM (where ever you are) on March 22th 2009...???? LETS COOLING OUR EARTH...!!!
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• Chennai, India
25 Mar 09
That was nice to know. Do you mean 28th or 22nd? Already it's 25th today. I'll join this mission on 28th.
• Indonesia
26 Mar 09
venkataraman_vc (950), thanks to remind me... I'am sorry for all, i had wrong to type the date. the true day is at March 28th 2009. please forgive me everybody...
@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
10 Apr 09
I just remember , i work as usual at this Internet cafe that night :p