How do you find something positive in a world full of negatives?

United States
March 25, 2009 11:53am CST
We are currently going through tough times without a doubt. A world full of nothing but negatives and now a president I am starting to loose hope in. I can't help but worry and fear the worst is still yet to come. As I watch my savings account dwindle away, a house that seems to becoming more of a hassle than the "great investment" it was once said to be and now a little one I have to support and take care of through this horrible time of life. I am faced with nothing but negative news, worries and fears seeking for just a light to the end of the tunnel. Is there something positive out there to grasp a hold of? Is there hope? What's your positive in the mist of negatives?
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• Philippines
31 Aug 10
Hi TRWilliams, Thinking about what you just said made me remember stories that were told me when I was young. Coming out of the dark is difficult for someone who is a pessimist but I believe that there is always calm at the end of every storm and light at the end of the tunnel. When I was little, my mother used to tell me stories about the world war II where things were in total shambles, life expectancies were dim as killings were everywhere, food was scarce and people hating people were rampant and all that went on for 4 years but after that things went back to normal and progress followed. What pulled them through the whole ordeal were their endless prayers and God never forsake those who call on Him for help. Each storm we get through should give us added strength to muster the courage to conquer yet another storm or battle in life because it is a fact that as long as we live there will always be storms to conquer, great or small. Our family went through a series of great storms just almost a year ago that tested our courage and strength as a family. It was a most difficult moment but we went through it and now we're back on our feet again and starting anew. I'd say a lot of prayers did it with some help from dear friends and relatives. I am sure you'll get through all your storms and a bright new day awaits you. Just hold on tight and don't forget that there is an all knowing God who is just waiting to listen to all your supplications and help you out of your troubles as He did us. Let's not get affected with all the negativities around us instead let's pray together that things get better after each day. God bless and have a nice day!
@j4ck_86 (102)
• Indonesia
25 Mar 09
Hmmm. I do agree that we are living in a world full of negative news. Maybe that's because we are just living for ourselves. That's normal as human is ego. I am facing a lot of negatives issue right now, too. But I do share it with my friends. They help me a lot in giving a different perspective in dealing with the problem I'm having. Sometimes people look ignorant. That maybe because they don't know. So, what I may suggest is try to find some friends you can share with. Have a good time.