hecklist if I.D proofs........which ones do you have????????

@parthu28 (499)
March 25, 2009 1:00pm CST
hey there i sometimes feel it is very difficult for me to get lost somewhere...........i have too many I.D. proofs to tell who i am.......(kidding) now on a serious note....how many I.D proofs do you have??here's a checklist 1.Driving license 2.Passport 3.PAN Card 4.Your School or College I D card 5.Voters I.D Card 6.Bank Account Passbook(even that works as a identity proof) and many more........ i have got all of them...how many do you have?????? do you think it is actually needed to have an I.D proof with you where ever you go and whenever you go????????? i think is actually very necessary......... what do you say??
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• United States
25 Mar 09
drivers license, birth certificate, & social security card are my only ID's. But the only one I carry all the time is my Drivers License