Do you say "Keep the change" when it's financial crisis?

@Volkus (202)
March 25, 2009 3:48pm CST
Hello friends! We are in crisis, everybody's talking about it. My query is interesting. Does this crisis affects our amability or just makes us more saving? I mean, at each buy, we are leaving to the seller 0.05 or 0.10 bucks (you have to write a little here to earn those cents). Does the sellers thanks you somehow? Of course, he may have problems at home, but also do you have. And you are not the only one that is generous. Just imagine that in his shop are entering daily almost 300 people. 1 cent for each of them and he has made 3 dollars daily (do you make here more?). So, will you say "Keep the change" further?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
28 Mar 09
Thanks for the best response.
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
25 Mar 09
My husband usually says "keep the change" no matter what and I decide on whether they want to give back the change or not. If they give it to me as soon as I hand over the ten or twenty dollars then it is all right. But I figure that these people are also in the same situation as us and they need the money. Besides not everyone will keep the change, most will give it back. The only time that that happens is if they do not have any change to give back. It usually happens with pizza delivery people.