about earn penny in mylot

March 25, 2009 5:00pm CST
ehm..i dont know what should i say.im so confuse about this site.sometime they increase my earn,but somethime no.one day i spent 3 hours to give response and i got my earn 0.30s then i spend 12 hours to response and i only got 0.17.OMG..in 3 hours,i only write 2-3 line.IN 12 hours i write until 3 and more lines with more than 100 responses.ehm what's wrong with this site.have u have same experience or tips for me?please sharing here...
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9 Apr 09
I believe that is depending the quality of responses.
• United States
25 Mar 09
When you are responding to discussions or even starting a discussion you must at least write 4 lines or longer to see a big increase in your earnings. If you do that and at least respond to 30 discussions a day you will see a big increase in your earnings. I see you say you worked 12 hours and responded to discussions with only 3 lines in them, that isn't going to cut here in the mylot world. I hope i could become some help to you. Enjoy Mylotting
@benny128 (3621)
25 Mar 09
no one knows exactly how to earn on here as mylot keep the criteria close to their chests, I guess its just stay active and start discussions I earned the most when I had some of the top discussions so I guess its a case of trying different things and see what earns you the most, one day just reply to posts maybe another day try starting discussions etc etc see what works for you.