Trinidad And Tobago
March 25, 2009 5:31pm CST
we see a lot of people in pain,, did I make at least one person happy today,,there were days when I needed the same ,,I am thankful that when I needed help ,somebody was there for me,,although I was occasionally not able to see where the favour was coming from,,and why
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• Malaysia
27 Mar 09
Ah yes, smile makes the world go round, it is infectious and giving out that priceless smile will draw more friends to us. Great you are able to make others smile....
• Trinidad And Tobago
27 Mar 09
That's one of the simplest jobs a person could take,,Keep a smile and mske others happy,, see u smiling ,,
@lingzi (568)
• China
27 Mar 09
kawalnarang, if i can make somebady happy,i will be more happier. i always give a hand to who need it.that makes me matter we are happy or sad, time passes usually,why can we happy every day??
• Trinidad And Tobago
27 Mar 09
Thanks,, I wish u smile all the time
• United States
25 Mar 09
i think doing things for people who need help or whatever makes u have a very good feeling. it's a great thing to do. there are so many elderly people who could use some help. it may be a little job or a big one & they have no one left to help them. i have been very lucky when my friends rallied around me due to health problems. i will never forget them for that.i'm sure u know the feeling , i'm glad they helped you.
• Trinidad And Tobago
27 Mar 09
coool,, I believe there is that super power by whose grace we get help when we need it,, Thanks for ur reply
• India
19 Apr 09
Making anypeople happy is very difficult thing. If you can do this then you are living your full life and you also attaining meaning from your life.